Top 10 Tips With Best Shaving Gel For Men's

After shave lotion is best for people who have sensitive skin especially in cold and dry season. VI-John has different range of after shave like splash, black sea, cobras and eau de cologne. 

They have amazing fragrance, smoothen and moisturises your skin as they have healing sensations as well. These fragrances have this amazing smell as well as amazing healing sensation. 

        It’s best to prevent cuts & Infection- Men generally use after shave in order to prevent cuts and infection after shaving and this possible because of the antiseptic element available in after shave which is Alcohol is most cases.
·         It’s Amazing scent- Most of the expensive after shave available in market have 100% perfume ingredients which is a reason it has that amazing scent when you apply it.
·         It’s moisturising element- The moisturising element is another reason to go for after shave as after shaving your skin generally becomes dull, rough and dry which cause a lot of skin irritation as well.
·         Then of course the packaging- The packaging is also another important feature to go for after shaves because of their exclusive packaging and bottles. They make it worth owning one.

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