Is Best Shaving Foam For Hard & Sensitive Skin The Most Trending Thing Now?

Our shaving cream is the best choice you can make in men’s grooming kit. We have a lot of popularity among citizen of the nation and they like the idea of using shaving creams, foams, and gels for smooth and safe shaving. Now as we know VI-John is a leading brand for personal care products. Not just in the country but across the globe we have an emerging fan base who loves using our products. Many countries in Asia are consumers of our products.
As we have seen there are various options available in the form of gel, foam, and cream and after shave according to the skin now we have introduced 3 new options for the summer refreshing feel on your skin.

The cream is in classical, icy mint for summer cool sensation then we have tropical lime for to make irritation free, painful, anti- bacterial skin.

Now the importance of these shaving creams, foam and gels in your daily life-
1.     Amazing lubrication to protect your skin. A good quality shaving cream has a high fat concentration, mainly in the form of natural oils which do not penetrate the skin. And these oils prevent lubrication which makes it easier for blade to glide.
2.     Moisturising properties to soften the beard. A good shaving cream contains glycerine derived from natural oils. It locks the moisture and makes it easy for you to remove hair.
3.     Most shaving products contain artificial colouring and preservatives. These substances can irritate and dry out the skin. Good shaving creams do not contain any of these, making them perfect emollients. They soften and sooth the skin, allowing it to recover after the shave.
4.     When you apply shaving cream, the thick lather lifts the hair from your skin on contact. When the hair is straightened, this allows the razor to trim hair as close to the skin as possible. This results in a skin that is devoid of hair completely. It also feels smooth to the touch and also in appearance.
    5.     Without something to reduce friction, you would have a very unpleasant feeling during and after shaving. Every time the razor scrapes on your bare skin, it leaves behind a burning sensation. Later on, you feel lots of irritation. That’s how you end up scratching and that causes pimples or razor wounds but use of shaving creams just makes it easier and less painful.

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