Best Shaving Cream For Men - Hard Skin & Sensitive Skin

Vi-John. In today’s time men prefer not to shave as sometimes it is war with yourself you do every morning. The skin irritation, rashes, burns and so much more becomes a reason for another fight with your inner-self whether to opt for it or not. But not anymore VI-John has come up with something that will make your every problem related to shaving run away.

Hydration- Shaving cream helps to keep moisture in the beard hairs during the shave, leaving them softer and easier to cut. When less force is needed to cut each hair, your shave can be more comfortable.

Lubrication- Shaving cream creates a thin layer of protection between the blade and the skin, ensuring less friction and minimising the risk of redness, shaving rash, and irritation – and fewer nicks and cuts.

Tracking- It’s so intuitive, we may not realise it, but the act of removing shaving cream as you shave helps you keep track of where you’ve already run your blade. This will help to ensure that you don’t miss a spot.

Soothing and refreshing- Using a shaving cream will help leave your skin feeling soothed and refreshed afterwards.

All these are the effects of using the shaving cream and we can guarantee you all you must have gone through these types of trouble in your experience while shaving. We all prefer a smooth shave every morning and now with VI-John it is all possible. 
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