Ayushman khurana Vi-John Makkhan Shave Men’s Best Shaving Products

VI- John is a one of the famous brands among men’s shaving cream. From the rural areas to the urban metro cities people have trust towards this brand name. Customer’s satisfaction always comes first for VI- John, keeping that in mind we created our shaving foams that will be available according to your skin types. As we know every skin type has its own requirement and that is why people are always cautious when it comes to use of shaving creams or shaving foams.

Now let’s talk about why we need to use shaving creams-

  • ·        It’s moisturised your skin and makes it less painful.
  • ·        It draws out oil from whiskers, making them easier to shave off.
  • ·        Low cost, once you bite the bullet and invest in a brush and mug. It totally pockets friendly.
  • ·        Especially moisturising for your skin, resulting in less irritation to your skin.
  • ·        Quick and easy to apply.
  • ·        A little goes long way.
  • ·        Usually made with natural ingredients and goes long way.
  • ·        Can be used with any type of razor.


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